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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Hack Facebook Account Easily With Android...!!!!

  • The ID number that is on the phone with Hack Facebook opened its Android that will have to be introduced.
  • Your PC or Android Phone
  • The ID would hack his phone number (which opened with Facebook)
  • The ID would hack his username

Steps To Follow:

  • Download This Android App, Whome you want to hack.

  • Now signup your account and fill required fields.

  • Now The Fb account was opened on it just a friend

  • Now Goto The phone Setting> Apps> Airdroid going into Turn on notification of the mark, and came out with him. 

  • ** Do not have it. If he felt that it would not be able to hack Facebook.
Let's Start Hack Facebook:

  • From your PC or phone Go Here . Ue Chrome or Mozilla, and Chrome on PC ** or dephalta to Use browser.

  • The Android phone have the account password in the e-mail was a friend.

  • Data on victims must have Android phone

  • Now in full possession of your victims, after a friend Message to go to the menu, it will come. Once here you can see all messages in the inbox on your phone's victims, victims will not be aware of.

  • Search by entering usernames victims.

  • Text me a code to reset my password and click Continue.

  • The victims can phone code, take a look at the code (from step 3).

  • If the ID code into the password change.

  • E-mail Phone number, delete all his e-mail, and phone number.
  • Visit Daily...!!!


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